Hemlig tomte Secret Santa-generator

Secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition for everyone! With the Secret Santa Generator you got all the tools you need to bring a little Christmas magic to the table.

How it works

Secret Santa is a fun and simple way to exhange christmas gifts with your family, friends or work buddies. The Secret Santa Generator works with a little bit of magic and draws all the names in a blast. Then the fun starts with planning of the perfect Secret Santa gift.
Step 1
Set a limit for your Christmas gifts that you’re all comfortable with in your group.
Step 2
Enter all names and e-mails for the Secret Santas.
Step 3
A Secret Santa e-mail hits all inboxes with the secret info you’ll need to start planning.
Step 4
Wrap your Secret Santa gift without revealing who you are. But remember to write who its for!
Step 5
Get together with your group and put all gifts on an accessible spot for all to make a secret drop-off.
Step 6
Give out all gifts and open!
Psssst... For those who are extra curious, make all participants guess who has been your Secret Santa. Take turns, and don’t say anything unless the guess is right.

The Santa Host invites all Secret Santas and sets the spending limits for the Christmas gifts. You as a host participates with the others. It’s free to send the Secret Santa e-mails, so enjoy!

The magic
santa hat